Monday, 3 November 2008


I have been asked by a few people why I am doing this so here is an attempt to explain.

I started knitting again after coming across the fabulous Ravelry a few months back. It gave me an outlet for those vague creative streaks that everyone gets from time to time but also opened up my world to the art form of Knitted Graffiti. At last here was an action that fulfilled my desire to express myself more publically but that I didn't actually have to have an artistic bent to achieve the desired effect.

Graffiti is often seen as something that damages the urban landscape but I see some of it as expressions of life, of making a statement and even of taking a stand. It is a brilliant form of subversive fist waving that says I AM HERE AND I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.

Knitted Graffiti is a burst of colour and beauty aid the blight of the regulated urban environment and I think that it is about making people smile and softening the harshness of modern life.

I am influenced by others who have taken this amazing art form to the streets all over the world. Some of the knit-activists are spreading a political message. Some are making their part of the world a more pleasant experience for everyone and encouraging a sense of community. I am using my projects to spread a bit of love and smile through the non-threatening medium of knitting. All of my projects are designed to be non-permanent and non-destructive. Basically if you don't like it then just unravel it.


deeplysuperficial said...

we say we are raising arts and crafts awareness!

check us out at

keep up the craft!

Anonymous said...

Have been meaning to get in touch since I spotted a knit at the Beacons thing last autumn. Are you in Craft Candy or the Sraft Mafia or owt like that? Coz i've not met another craft-grafitti-ist in Sheffield, and it'd be cool to see how many like-minded ones tere are in this city. Keep it up, I love it! This is me: